What happens when you have a passion for music but also a love for the craft of perfumery? And not only that, but you manage to join forces with a legendary master perfumer? The result is Musicology Parfums.



This niche perfume house from France has a variety of fragrances that combines the music era with specific scent profiles and with human senses. This idea is all under the vision of its conceptual creator Fabien Boukobza and master perfumer Nathalie Lorson who actually managed to take Fabien's idea and made it tangible.

The brand has 7 fragrances and each one of them is constructed with the theme of music in mind. Those 7 amazing perfumes from Musicology are:

All of these fragrances are amazing and suitable for every person, but today we will highlight only three of them.


The first one is "The Rose", inspired by the era of 70's, this psychedelic flower beauty that has a generous amount of Rose in it is a Neo-Hippie-esque scent. Beautiful stuff and long lasting.


The Rose


Our second mention is the intriguing "Close To Midnight", an already cult classic from the brand and a fragrance inspired in the 80's era. This perfume is something unique and loved by its wearer and the ones around. The notes of Coffee and Jasmine and the sweetness of the Tonka Bean are hypnotic here. A fame well deserved.


Close To Midnight


Lastly, we want to highlight the brightest and the most sparkling perfume from the brand. This could be at the top best citrus perfumes that you can find out there. "Cause I'm Happy" is exactly what the name implies. It is happiness in a bottle. Suitable for the hot weather like no other and a mood lifter. As you may think when you read its name, this is a perfume inspired by the vibrant music from 2014 that delivers a blast of citruses, musks, and wood notes of Cedar and a gorgeous Vetiver. Wonderful dose of positivity upon each spray.


Cause Im Happy


We invite you to check the other fragrances from the brand and see if you find something that suits your music taste and your olfactory sense.

For any questions about this visionary brand, don't hesitate to send us a message. We're here to assist.

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