Musicology Close to Midnight


The first time we tried this perfume we were blown away by how incredible this blend is. If you are a fan of coffee in your fragrances, then this may be easily one of the best out there. 

This is a perfume that it’s smooth and creamy. It’s sweetness is also counterbalanced by saltiness, just like the best gourmands, but here the ambergris does the trick for that salty touch.

Fabulous fragrance that features some of the cleanest jasmine accords and coffee notes in a perfume. 

This fragrance is highly unisex, extremely sensual and an amazing performance

Thanks to Nathalie Lorson for adding an extra layer to our love for coffee

Jasmine petals, Coffee

Tonka bean, Labdanum resinoïde volcano

Ambergris, Musks

95ML Eau de Parfum