Musicology I Belong to U


If you can assign a smell to colors, then this will be the one for yellow.

I Belong to U is an ode to Ylan Ylang, tuberose and gardenia.

Yes there is pepper, yes there are other pristine and gorgeous notes blended skilfully by master perfumer Nathalie Lorson, but to us the olfactory poem is around those flowers with a more prominent focus on the Ylang Ylang.

Incredibly smooth and feminine at a first glance, but if you are a man and have an open mind for fragrances and amazing smells, then this will work flawlessly. 

This one, like all the other offerings from Musicolgy has a powerful opening and an amazing performance. A beautiful ode to yellow.

Pink pepper, Ylang Ylang

Tuberose, Gardenia

Patchouli essence, Peru balsam resinoïde

95ML Eau de Parfum