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Niche perfumes are celebrated for their exceptional performance, a proof to their high concentration of raw materials, including essential oils and other premium ingredients. 

As collectors of niche perfumes and also proprietors of this online store, we affirm the truth of this reputation, though it doesn't extend to every fragrance.


Raw perfume ingredients


Indeed, some niche perfumes are designed for shorter wear, ideal for those occasions when you prefer not to carry the same scent throughout the day. This versatility allows for a transition from a morning to an evening fragrance seamlessly.

However, within the fragrance community, there exists a category known as "Beast Mode" perfumes, distinguished by their robust, enduring presence.

These fragrances are characterized by their thick, dense compositions, often featuring notes of spices, woods, resins, and florals. They are renowned for their remarkable longevity and intensity.


Female perfume


We are excited to share our selection of top "Beast Mode" fragrances available in our online store. Some of them notable for their bold, unapologetically long-lasting scents, these fragrances are bound to impress.

Our first recommendation is Chypre Palatin from the French house Parfums MDCI. This fragrance boasts a beautiful opening and it has a massive longevity, leaving a memorable scent trail. Though marketed as masculine, it possesses a unisex appeal, offering an olfactory experience like no other perfume. 



Chypre Palatin


Next, we feature Cabaret Nocturne by the avant-garde Swedish house, Visiteur. Perfect for those who love a spicy kick, this fragrance leans towards a feminine olfactory experience, boasting impressive opening notes, projection, and longevity. 




From the French house L'Arc, Evasion stands out as a fragrance with exceptional performance. Surprisingly balanced, it offers a powerful yet refined opening, wide projection, and enduring longevity, making it a unisex favorite among our selections.




Somens Barcelona's Arena makes our list for its remarkable projection. With just one spray, its presence is unmistakably known, appealing to lovers of spicy, warm, and sweet scents.




Alendor's Wild Night, a tobacco-centric fragrance from Germany, is celebrated for its enticing tobacco opening and projection, earning admiration from all who experience it.


Wild Night


The most potent of our selections comes from the ultra-niche house Al Shareef OudhIshraaq. Its strength and longevity showcase the pinnacle of Middle Eastern perfumery. Not for the faint of heart!




Lastly, we highlight Blonde Tenebreux from the French house Oxymore. Known for their balanced and smooth creations, this fragrance adds a bit more potency to its opening, distinguishing it within their collection. Ant that is why we included it here, more like an honorable mention.




Explore these fragrances with some features of the category of "Best Mode" in our online boutique and discover the power of niche perfumery.





February 06, 2024 — Daniel & Marusa Zamorano