As perfume collectors, you can imagine that there is an ocean of brands available to explore and that is not including the number of new good fragrances that are born every day. So with that in mind, it is virtually impossible to tell you what are the best names out there and what scent profile you should aim at.

The most important and relevant point though, is that the way we perceive perfumes is a personal matter and it is connected to memories, places or whatever involve your nose at some point in your life. Whether past, present or future, this will never be the same for you with a specific perfume as it is for us, and that is awesome because you will be able to revive old memories but most importantly, you will create new ones.

Regarding the reasons of why we want to share with you these specific brands available in this online store is a mixture of a few key factors. To our personal opinion and experience, when you mix these factors together, you will get the perfect outcome as a perfume wearer and also you will learn a thing or two. Not only from us, but from the source itself.

The number one factor of why these brands for us it is the personal taste. Meaning that from everything you see here, we pretty much love everything. Some of them less that others as with everything in life, but overall, these are perfumes that we own and we wear a lot.

There is an important thing to take in consideration though, the fact that we love something, it doesn’t mean that it is. because it’s the most exclusive and over the top kind of perfume. You will have to trust us when we say that price it doesn’t always equals quality or a good smell. A lot of that price goes into the design costs and package plus few other things that has nothing to do with the actual smell, so keep that in mind.

The second factor of why these brands is the "unexpected" feedback. This is the main reason of why we wanted to start with this project of an online store.

To put some context and explain you better, we are not the kind of people who looks for the public opinion. In this case, we just love a good perfume so whenever we wear something good, we are not paying attention if people notice or not, but the attention and feedback just started to happen, and it was after a while when we started to wear intentionally different things and asking around to our closest friends about which perfume they liked the most. That was the part where people really started to pay attention to the perfume names, brands and olfactory notes. Which was really a key element to narrow down the list of brands we have teamed up with. Important to mention that these were all regular folks with regular lives, doing regular activities and not perfume connoisseurs or collectors.

(there were a couple of brand/names that we also had an amazing response from people but while we reached out to see if they wanted to be a part of this store, they didn’t even reply so in a way, "we dodge a bullet" LOL

The third factor of why these brands is the uniqueness. To explain better, while there are other very good known brands that we also have in our collection and wear with joy, at the end of the day these are brands that are widely available and easy to access where we live (Slovenia) so we didn’t want to bother to reach out and see if we could add the same as other stores. Making our selection of brands, a unique and exclusive list for our surroundings.

The fourth factor of why these brands is the relation we built up with the people behind these names. Whether these are brand owners or perfumers, which if you think about it, it is the coolest thing because if we have a question to make about a fragrance, we just go and ask straight to the source, and if you will have any questions or feedback from these products, we will make sure to give you the answers straight from the "people behind the fragrances" 

The few other important details of why these brands are things like presentation, quality control, quality of the ingredients, versatility of the fragrances, originality and an outstanding "GOOD to AMAZING ratio" between all the offerings in our online store.

About prices, we won’t tell you that these are the cheapest because that will depend on each person interest and also on what you consider to be cheap.

We have heard in more than one occasion people saying "why would you spend 150, 200 or 300 EUR in a perfume" but if we go the same route, we can easily tell you that the same people will spend 1000 plus EUR on a cellphone every other year, which is a lot, but each their own.

So that’s it and we really hope that you enjoy this little Blogpost about why these brands. 

Please let us know if you have any questions and we will get back to you shortly.

Enjoy your day and hopefully you will find something worth of a signature perfume in our website.

Thank you 








May 11, 2022 — Daniel and Maruša Zamorano