Carine Lebrun

Carine Lebrun

Passionate about smells since my early childhood, I have always tried to capture the essence of the fragrant moments engraved forever in my memory, and to transcribe the emotions that smells arouse with words.

I was particularly struck by my unexpected encounter with a bindweed modestly hung on the corner of an alley and whose scent of marzipan was of an incredible subtlety.


I started my journey in perfumery by studying languages and translation, and it is through this unusual door that I entered as an intern at Cinquième Sens, starting to evolve among bottles, raw materials... To never leave them. 

In pursuit of the most accurate word and the purest note, I continued my return "to the roots", translating customer briefs into smells : I became an Evaluator, then a Senior Evaluator. With a literary sensibility in a world of chemistry and science, it was a challenge to test my determination and pugnacity! 


Today, I am making a dream come true, creating, with the complicity of the outstanding Perfumer Fabrice Olivieri my own compositions. Opposites attract and harmonize wonderfully, Oxymoron reflects the paradoxes that inhabit us and that surround us. 


This is my tribute to this wild plant that has freed itself from codes and expressed its deep nature by exhaling its delicious perfume.

May 13, 2022 — Daniel and Maruša Zamorano