MDCI bespoke fragrances are filled into their beautiful flacons as you request them. Same as with their discovery sets. This means that perfumes are not prepared in advance and left in a shelf waiting for something to happen.

This is one of the aspect that sets MDCI apart from most brands and gives you the title of owning one of their bespoke fragrances on request...How cool is that? 

It is very important that you write us a mail with your wishes on which fragrances are you interested so we can communicate with the brand and see their availability.

 (All full-size bottles are sent with one complementary set of samples, composed according to each customer’s specifications)

Follow these important steps before ordering. This information is officially provided by bespoke fragrances MDCI:

      • Just send us a mail to and let us know what are your wishes regarding: Which fragrances are you interested, which presentation (Simple presentation, full presentation) or which selection of samples for a discovery set.
      • Please never send a payment before receiving an answer from us in relation with your order: some items may not be available, and shipping costs may have to be adjusted for certain destinations.
      • Please provide us with a valid address and phone number. This is required by DHL or Fed Ex.
      • Payment: by Paypal (credit cards accepted via Paypal) and only when we will get back at you with an answer to your request.
      • After all is done, wait for your bespoke fragrance to arrive at your door in a rather fast and secure manner.


Shipping rates are as follows and ONLY within Europe EEC

Simple presentations (75ml bottles with tassel): € 25.00

Silk Road bottles: € 40.00

Full Presentations with bust stopper : € 40.00

Discovery sets :€ 25.00