Al Shareef Oudh Elevation (Limited Edition)


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There are many oudh fragrances, however none of them come close, Elevation is here to take your oudh experience to the pinnacle of what is possible in fragrance artistry. A complete journey to the top of premium rare and aged oudhs, oudhs you have never smelt before, and are likely to never smell after this. Oudhs of yesteryear that smell not like leathers and animalics, but like aged fragrances, each single oudh utilise it a fragrant journey on its own, composed into a symphony orchestra of fragrant poetry and beauty.

(Excerpt note from the brand)

TOP NOTES:                                                                                                                             Kyara, Kynam, Samandari

Musk, Ambergris, 35 year aged Philippine, Merauke, Rare Malaysian Oudhs

22 year aged Sumbawa, 20 Year aged Hindi, Bhutan, Kelantan, Rare Vietnamese

30ML Parfum