Al Shareef Oudh Jasmine


Al Shareef Oudh's JASMINE is the perfume that once you sprayed, there is no way back, as It will take you to a bed of the gorgeous flower that presented here with duality.

When one facet feels a bit dirty, the other one will work as a powder element with a  clean aura and both will reach a balance and blend in unison. 

Bright orris, animalic musks and saffron are present as well but the magic is when a foresty pine note will play along with the leather, which in fact, resembles one’s skin. 

Amazing perfume that will start with a loud opening and it will settle into something that we can describe as soothing and calming.

Once again master perfumer Al Shareef Jawed has created something to talk about, something to enjoy and appreciate in its entirety.

Jasmine Absolute, Jasmine Florasol

Musk, Saffron, Orris root

Sandalwood, Leather

30ML Parfum