Al Shareef Oudh Ward


WARD must be the truest and most refined representation of a Rose in a perfume that  we have ever come across from a Middle Eastern fragrance.

WARD is the Arabic name for Rose and this perfume couldn’t be named differently.

The blend here is a green faceted Rose, deep, sensual and addictive.

The orris note in WARD will add a powdery element which when paired with Patchouli will transcend into something classic, elegant and timeless.

While trying to be as assertive as possible, we can promise you that there is also a smokey nuance that lingers around a subtle animalic musk, incense and saffron. The end is all about woods, deep and rich Mysore Sandalwood.

When you see the official notes of WARD, you won’t see Oudh listed, but to our noses, there is a note that feels like a smokey type of the precious wood.

This is a mesmerising scent to put it mildly.

Once again, master perfumer Al Shareef Jawed has crafted something unimaginable for us to enjoy.


Top: Bulgarian Rose, Patchouli

Middle: Oriental Amber Resin, Shamaamah, Saffron

Base: Musk, Sandalwood

30ML Parfum