Alendor Silence

By Alendor

Silence from the luxury brand Alendor is a timeless, elegant and classic fougere.

A creation done by the hand of a master perfumer and a perfume that will make a statement. 

We have to state something very important but at the same time very personal.

This is a perfume that is intended to be more masculine and when you smell it, you will notice clearly that Silence has a proper masculine soul. But at home we tend to wear whatever feels right to the mood, and this perfume has a very vibrant and clean feel so it can be enjoyed by whoever loves a good and well put fougere

Don’t let the marketing tags stops you from smelling amazing, just wear what feels right, and this feels exactly that.


Italian lemon, Begramot, Indian black pepper


Tonka bean, Musks 

100ML Eu de Parfum