Visiteur Cabaret Nocturne


From the artistic Swedish house Visiteur, Cabaret Nocture is the perfume that is composed by past and present (It souds poetic but it’s true)

The first half of this perfume is the one representing the past which happens in a brothel, with nuances of makeup elements, powder, loud smells of cumin, a lot of tuberose and even warm and sweaty skin (this stage is wild)

The second half of this scent is the present, where the elements of gin, spices, orange and woods are colliding with the initial stage, making Cabaret Nocturne a naughty journey.

What is really cool here is that those two time segments are happening in the same place but at a different era. 

 The first half happened in a brothel that survived the test of time and a century later, it became a place for the youth to party. The same place that hosted many nights of forbidden and hidden pleasures, is today the place of trends and fun, and the time capsule is the bottle.

Done with an artistic understanding of time travel by the skilled hands of Cecile Zarokian

The acts:

First act: Gin accord, Pink pepper, Orange, Smoke, Sandalwood

Second act: Powdery notes, Tuberose, Tobacco, Cumin, Animalic notes

75ML Eau de Parfum