Al Shareef Oudh Ishraaq


ISHRAAQ (Rise in Arabic) is the most mysterious of the four offerings from the ultra niche house of Al Shareef Oudh.

This is a perfume that will envelope you and it will reach to whoever is near you, letting them know of your presence.

A rich smokey rose, the purest Ylang Ylang and spices will create an olfactory introduction worthy of a king.

Cuban cigar is not listed in the notes, but there is a moment when you can’t deny that is there. Tobacco leaves and a deep boozy aspect. 

This perfume and the others from Al Shareef Oudh are done with only one intention and that is to impress.

The ambergris and the musks here are some of the finest in the game, but be aware that as soon as the blend of precious Oudh woods will appear, they will lead this journey until the very end.

A veil of opulence, incense, vetiver and dark leather will wrap around the Oudh and it will make you wish for more.

Gorgeous perfume and incredibly loud.

The perfumer behind ISHRAAQ is Al Shareef Jawed, a master of his craft.


Cardamom, Rose, Ylang Ylang

Musk, Ambergris, Lubaan, Myrrh, Spice

Hindi, Indonesian and Malaysian Oudhs, Leather, Oriental Resin, Vetiver, Cedar

30ML Parfum