Oxymore Oud Atlantique

By Oxymore

This is one of the easiest Oud fragrances you will encounter. Not only easy to wear but incredibly unique as well. 

This is fresh, spicy and salty. A rather bright entrance to this experience that changes into something that is hard to describe in words, but it becomes balsamic, ambery and woodsy.

All the Oxymore fragrances are all year round material, but to our taste, this one shines the brightest during the warmer days, which is a total surprise because normally fragrances with Oud are best worn in winter, but French perfumer and brand owner Carine Lebrun has created something very unique here and we love it!

Sea-spray accord, Clary sage oil, Cardamom

Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Pink peppercorn, Rosewood 

Agarwood accord, Myrrh, Gurjum balsam, Guaiacwood, Patchouli, Clary sage absolute, Amber, White musk

100ML Eau de Parfum