Al Shareef Oudh Qubrus


The most luxurious Chypre perfume from Middle East is hands down Qubrus. This is the latest release from the Ultra Niche house of Al Shareef Oudh and when we say that this was done for kings and Queens, we are very serious about it.

The blend of all the raw materials here is done with the same techniques used centuries ago resulting in a scent that feels timeless, transportive and rich.These perfumes are made without compromising the quality and nature of their ingredients.

The smell of rose and patchouli is surrounded by a veil of a natural neroli, delicate and mystical. The smokiness and the oakmoss can be felt from the very beginning, but just the right amount. A resinous heart and a base of Oudh and vetiver make this perfume a masterpiece from orient, regal and mysterious. 

Qubrus has a performance that you wont find in many fragrances. It is long lasting, it has character and it is one of a kind. 

The craftsman perfumer behind this precious fragrance is Al Shareef Jawed

Rose, Patchouli, Neroli

Labdanum, Luban, Musk

Oakmoss, Oudh, Vetiver

30ML Parfum