Visiteur Thousand Lakes


This is another beautiful expression of art in a perfume. Brand owner of Visiteur Janne Rainer Vuorenmaa has managed to find the right person for the job. Marie Schnirer has understood the idea of putting together the memories of childhood from Janne and juxtaposed them with a rough awaken.

To be more detailed, Thousand Lakes is the most intimate perfume from its conceptual creator.

The clear childhood memories of being in a Finnish sauna, with steam, leather and musks are interrupted by the sensation of the colder waters of a lake and its surroundings that let you feel the birch leaves, mineral accords from the watered marbles and few other olfactory delights. 

Why we know all this? Because he told us in a conversation we had a while ago in our Podcast.

What do we like from this perfume? well, basically the soothing feeling and to be honest, this does feel like a feels sweet, leathery and moist. 

This one we love to wear it in spring and autumn or whenever we need to relax without going to Finland for a sauna session.

The acts:

First act: Birch leaf, Vegetal accord, Blackcurrant, Mineral accord, Rhubarb 

Second act: Warm woods, Musk, Smoke, Leather, Steam

75ML Eau de Parfum